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Portland,OR-ISO 9001 Portland OR- ISO PROS #32

It isn’t always possible to find a validated and experienced ISO company in Portland that will help you in all the standards or ISOs you need. Most companies in this field can only provide very specific or limited standards since it is true that offering more than a dozen or even ten turns out to be almost impossible. At least, if the company isn’t prepared to assume so much work and responsibilities.

The problem for the people and businesses that need to implement them is that it is harder for them to find a specific company that provides the required ISO standards for the respective industry turns to be another odyssey. Fortunately, our company ISO Pros is not only based in Portland but also has several offices and experts around Oregon. This means you can rely on us and ask for our ISO services that include implementation, consulting, and training.

We are not like usual companies in this field since we have grown to be qualified and unique in the aspect of the quality of our services. Most people consider that quantity means low-quality, but this is something we don’t believe when you are able to focus on both things. This is why you can rest assured that despite the variety of standards we can implement, the processes will be conducted properly for our experts and auditors. Most companies in the city provide certifications instead of implementation options, and this is something that makes us different as well.

After all, our company is aware of how difficult it can be to implement standards, and sometimes, even when we know certifications are important, we decided to not make them our main services.  If you are having problems implementing the ISO—or ISOs—, reach out to us and we can provide assistance and support for your company to stop investing more time and resources than it can afford. You only need to let us know what normative is giving you a hard time and our experts will do their magic.

If you have gone through a certification process and you failed it, you can also request our support after not being able to obtain your seal of approval and we will make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Of course, you are not obligated to request our support and implementation services to get certified. These services are completely apart from each other and you only need to access the ones you need.

Regardless of being able to access our services in your city, we have made sure to provide our ISO services to almost every company in Oregon. Therefore, it takes more than an office in Portland to make this happen. You can find us in several cities around this state, and we assure you that all the experts and professionals in each one of the facilities are more than qualified and trained to help you. You don’t have to travel to our main offices nor resort to remote options when our services and experts are the same—which means incredible—in any of our headquarters. When accessing our services, you will obtain extra benefits thanks to the recognition they have gained over the years.

What ISOs are available for implementation?

Before answering this question, remember that standards are focused on specific areas, sections, systems, or problems in your company. And some of them are mandatory or formal regulations you have to meet in order to continue operating and working normally. While others are optional and can be implemented only if you feel like your company needs them. Telling you this was necessary so you could understand the standards we have available.

First, we have almost every mandatory standard that isn’t focused on specific industries or companies but can be implemented in any business instead. This means you can find the most essential and crucial ISOs that allow you to continue later on with the task of implementing more for the benefit of your company. However, we also have a large variety of optional standards that are either focused on specific management systems and industries or can be implemented in any company.

You just need to let us know what you have in mind but remember our experts can help you to determine what normative you need to implement or are for your company and industry. Some of the most requested ISO standards that are available in all our offices around Oregon are:

CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification).

It consists of a system or program than a standard due to the level method it implements to work in the cybersecurity system of the company. This ISO is quite recent and you might not be completely familiar with it since companies that work around the DoD (Department of Defense) or are direct defense contractors, are the only ones that need to implement it. To be more specific about it, the standard focuses on the hygiene level of your security and makes sure you improve it through the different levels of the program.

You will notice huge changes the more you move forward in the ISO and something to keep in mind is that you can get certified even if you don’t complete all the levels. Which means you can implement the standard until the level your company needs to reach as well.

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration). 

The principle of levels and the maturity of the company is very similar to the previous one—if not the same. But this one does not focus on one specific area only. Instead, it is more about the entire picture of the company when it comes to performance, improvements, and growth. CMMI is a standard implemented for companies that are aiming for continuous improvement in different areas of the company simultaneously. 

Most companies go for a different option when it is about improving their processes and areas, and this tends to be quite effective and less aggressive when implementing the idea. However, CMMI isn’t impossible if that is what you have started to think. The idea and method of improving several areas of the company at the same time is usually a taboo among companies and their owners because they consider it way too difficult or impossible—their words. But when you follow the system or program that CMMI represents, you start to notice how improvement is possible with the right actions, processes, and goals. 

ISO 9001.

It is the main standard to establish and improve a Quality Management System in the company. In the ISO world, you will find several quality standards that can be implemented in your business. However, most of them will be aiming for the specific industry you are part of. But before being able to implement specific standards that aim for the issues, problems, and improvements in your company’s industry, you will need to implement ISO 9001.

This is a standard that contains many regulations and requirements, but you will find it quite simple to implement since it only focuses on one management system of your company. Most companies that implement it are manufacturers or fabricate products and items for clients and customers. However, ISO 9001 can also be implemented for those trying to improve their services and offer better options. There are many possibilities as long as you follow the guidelines and get to the point where your company will be benefited from it.

ISO 14001. 

Some ISOs are not necessarily meant to be implemented in the benefit of the company itself. Although they always bring some benefits and pros to its growth and improvement. In the case of ISO 14001, you will be put in one of those situations since it is only focused on protecting the environment and making sure companies promote the action and goal. This isn’t simple to achieve since, nowadays, there are more people not wanting or putting effort into protecting it compared to those that are willing to do it. 

However, implementing the standard helps a lot with the purpose and companies tend to have the benefit of increasing their influx of clients and customers. Several people are starting to hire and employ companies that promote the protection of the environment. This is why you might not have a direct benefit in your operations and processes, but you certainly can grow with it while doing the right thing.

ISO 13485.

Medical devices aren’t simple to the manufacturer due to how complicated some of them are in structure and design. This is why several standards and parameters apply at the moment of being a company dedicated to their fabrication. ISO 13485 is one of those standards you need to implement to ensure or guarantee the quality and functionality of the devices.

It works directly in your Quality Management System and can help you to boost your processes and production overall. Many of the parameters are based on ISO 9001, but the ones you will find the most are only aiming for the medical industry and the manufacturing of these devices.


This is a direct standard that comes from ISO 9001 but only focuses on the aerospace industry and those companies that fabricate parts, components, or services related to them. The main goal of implementing this ISO—which is mandatory and necessary—is to improve the quality of the products and services in the company. In this way, clients and customers can be sure you are offering and providing high-quality options for them and they won’t be affected nor receive low-quality items and services. 

In the aerospace industry, not many companies are able to provide what they promise or what the client needs. This is why AS9100 aims for the needs and requirements of the client to adjust the production and parts or components and be able to provide exactly what they want. The aerospace industry is quite competitive when your company is located in Portland or any other city in Oregon. So, make sure you meet certain standards like this to guarantee you stay competitive and at the top.

IATF 16949.

This standard is very similar to the previous one, but it focuses on the automotive industry only. Now, they are similar because they aim for the quality of the parts and components produced and provided for the company. However, IATF 16949 has another method to boost companies’ processes and production when it comes to quality: by eliminating and reducing waste and failures.

Unlike other quality ISOs, this isn’t about working directly on the QMS but with the production cycle itself. Therefore, you will find several differences but the goal is the same.

Our company, ISO Pros, can help you with all these ISOs and make sure you meet all the requirements.  We have experts and qualified auditors to conduct the final evaluations and provide the certification as well although our main goal and duty is to train you or provide support during the process.